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The A&P Professor Podcast
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Content updates and teaching advice for teachers of human anatomy & physiology (A&P) from professor, author, and mentor Kevin Patton. 

Have a question, comment, or an idea for an episode you'd like to hear—or in which you would like to participate or help plan? Contact host Kevin Patton. Or call the podcast hotline at 1-833-LION-DEN (1-833-546-6336).

For more details on each episode—including transcripts—please visit The A&P Professor website.

Apr 30, 2018

 Kevin shares his version of the classic love-story analogy of muscle contraction. Why does the Golgi apparatus looks so weird? it's the cytoskeleton. And don't forget the Alexa skill for this podcast!

Why does the Golgi apparatus looks so weird? (5.5 min)
A love story analogy for muscle contraction? (8 min)

Apr 23, 2018

Can adult brains make new neurons? Kevin revisits this question and examines new evidence. See you at HAPS 2018 Annual Conference in Columbus OH? Learning styles. Harm or help? Or a bit of both?

Can adult brains make new neurons? Again. (4 min)
See you at HAPS 2018? (5.5 min)
Learning styles. Harm or help? Or a bit of...

Apr 16, 2018

 Kevin explains why the term meatus is weird (hint: it's the plural form). The topic of storytelling in teaching continues with an emphasis on playfulness and the use of analogies (especially playful analogies).

Why the term meatus is weird. (3 min)
Convenient ways to subscribe to TAPP Radio. (2 min)
Playfulness and...

Apr 9, 2018

 Microglia in the brain nibble on synapse to induce remodeling of neural circuits. Kevin mentions his new online seminar on five ways to enhance long-term learning. A&P is the story of the human body, so A&P professors act as storytellers. Kevin gives some practical tips on how to do that effectively.

Microglia prune...

Apr 2, 2018

 Kevin discusses recent news that a new human organ has been discovered. Systematic debriefing by students after each test can boost their learning. Kevin explains a tool he uses to help students learn how to analyze their tests effectively.

Has a new organ been discovered? (4 min)
Students benefit from debriefing after...