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Content updates and teaching advice for teachers of human anatomy & physiology (A&P) from professor, author, and mentor Kevin Patton. 

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Aug 17, 2023

Get ready for a mind-bending ๐Ÿ˜ฒ rendezvous with Kevin Patton in Episode 141, where he continues to spill the beans on his top-secret recipe for student triumph. ๐Ÿ† Brace yourself for this next adventure on his whirlwind tour of revolutionizing A&P 1 education, as we dissect the art of identifying student pain points, personalizing preparation, and serving up the kind of mentorship they've been yearning for!

0:00:00 | Introduction

0:00:45 | One of Two Success Courses

0:09:48 | Setting Up the Supplement Course

0:18:44 | Structure of Class Sessions

0:40:17 | Grading

0:42:45 | Does an A&P Supplement Work?

0:54:21 | Parting Wisdom

1:14:46 | Staying Connected


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One of Two Success Courses

9 minutes

As we begin to unlock student success strategies with Kevin Patton in episode 141, he unveils his A&P One Supplement course, dedicated to honing essential learning skills. Delve into his reasoning behind offering a separate course, distinct from the Pre-A&P course discussed in episode 140, and distinct from the popular Supplemental Instruction (SI) , model, and gain insights into his innovative approach to enhancing A&P student performance.

โ˜…  A Pre-A&P Course Improves Student Success in Anatomy & Physiology | TAPP 140 (part one of this two-part series, explains the purpose of the two courses and give details about Pre-A&P)

โ˜… Success Supplements (an on-demand seminar summarizing these two courses)

โ˜… BIO 242 Anatomy and Physiology Supplement (college catalog description of course; scroll down to BIO 242)

โ˜… Anatomy and Physiology 1 Supplement (an archived version of the syllabus used in 2012, the last time I taught the course)

โ˜… Supplemental Instruction (Wikipedia's description of SI, a peer learning model that is NOT the same as the course described in this episode)

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Study Courses Supercharge Anatomy & Physiology Success | TAPP 141 

Setting Up the Supplement Course

9 minutes

In this segment, we uncover the logistical puzzle of A&P supplement courses. Dive into the tug-of-war between limited lab availability and the need for hands-on learningโ€”and explore creative solutions for fostering student engagement.

โ˜… Anatomy and Physiology 1 Supplement (an archived version of the syllabus used in 2012, the last time I taught the course)

โ˜… Course Materials for AP 1 Supplement (I didn't have time to list the materials we used in this episode; this is that section from the archived syllabus)

โ˜… End-of-Term Reviews Help Keep Your Course on Track | Episode 17 (introduces the idea of debriefing at the end of the semester)


Structure of Class Sessions

21.5 minutes

In this segment, Kevin Patton details his A&P Supplement course structure. The class employs active learning, beginning with addressing students' trouble spots through discussion and question cards. Various study techniques like flashcards and concept mapping are explored. The need-for-speed game enhances tissue and specimen identification skills, while clickers facilitate group learning. Weekly check-ins ensure consistent study habits and enhance understanding.

โ˜… HIghlighting doesn't workโ€”here's what does (an article from The University of Manchester Student News; highlighting is briefly discussed in this segment)

โ˜… Noisy A&P Classrooms and Labs (story about my Dean's visit to our A&P 1 Supplement course from The A&P Professor blog)

โ˜… Power Tips for Dissection Activities | Episode 34 (includes explanation for paper "virtual dissections" to prep students for a better in-person dissection experience)

โ˜… Why Do A&P Students Hate Histology? And How Do We Fix That? | TAPP 113

โ˜… Nine Super Strategies for Teaching the Skeleton | Episode 10 (gives examples of paper dissections and need for speed game)

โ˜… Micro-Credentials & Gamification in the A&P Course | Brown & Black Skin | Refresher Tests | TAPP 87

โ˜… Kevin's study tip list

โ˜… Kevin's reading strategies (using the A&P textbook)

โ˜… Learning new terms (Kevin's advice for quickly getting up to speed with A&P vocabulary, including advanced flash card techniques)

โ˜… Concept maps (Kevin's brief intro)

โ˜… Running concept lists (Kevin's quick outline of this powerful "core concepts" technique)

โ˜… Taking tests (some quick tips on preparing for and taking tests)



2.5 minutes

In this segment, discover Kevin Patton's unique grading approach in A&P One Supplement class: Points for check-ins, assignments, active learning, clicker games, and portfolio exchange. Informal mentorship and collaborative sharing enrich the learning journey.

โ˜… Using ePortfolios in Anatomy and Physiology (I used paper portfolios, but I love this idea of a digital portfolio; from HAPS Educator)


Does an A&P Supplement Work?

11.5 minutes

Discover the value of A&P One supplement classes with Kevin Patton. Unlock networking, more interaction with faculty, effective study techniques, enriched inclusion and diversity benefits, problem prevention, and proven GPA enhancements. And students love it!


Parting Wisdom

20.5 minutes

Enhancing A&P success! In this segment, discover the value of A&P One supplement and pre-A&P courses for student success. From targeted review to study skill guidance, these personalized approaches foster confidence and proficiency.

โ˜… Taking Bold Steps in Teaching | Notetaking | Science Updates | TAPP 90

โ˜… Harvard's Program on Negotiation (the Harvard Negotiation Project is referenced in this segment)



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