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Content updates and teaching advice for teachers of human anatomy & physiology (A&P) from professor, author, and mentor Kevin Patton. 

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Oct 8, 2018

Barbara Waxer gives advice on the "proper" use of media in teaching, including where to find it. Documented number of protein-coding genes & noncoding genes (RNA-coding genes) in the human genome continues to fluctuate. A new sensory structure, the neuropod, is demonstrated in the gut lining.

0:40 | How many genes in the human genome? An update.
4:36 | A new sensory structure found in the gut
9:27 | Featured: Advice on using media properly - chat with Barbara Waxer

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1 | Update: Number of Genes in Human Genome 4 minutes

A recent article in Science News kinda sounds like the known number of genes in the human genome has doubled since the report cited in a recent episode. Nope. It's just that experts are now often including both protein-coding genes and noncoding (RNA-coding) genes in the total.


2 | New Sensory Structure Found in the Gut 5 minutes

A new sensory structure has been documented in the lining of the mammalian gut. It involves the enteroendocrine cell, which has now been shown to synapse with neurons that lead to the brain via the vagus nerve, sort of like other epithelial-nervous sensory structures like the tactile disk (Merkel disk) arrangement in the skin.

 neuropod cell


3 | Interview with Barbara Waxer 30.5 minutes

Barbara Waxer, a professor of media and expert in copyright and the use of media joins Kevin for a chat about a topic that has come up before: how to properly use media created by others in our A&P course.

 teaching the skeleton


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