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Content updates and teaching advice for teachers of human anatomy & physiology (A&P) from professor, author, and mentor Kevin Patton. 

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Jun 4, 2019

01:03 | Poll Results: Addressing Professors
11:23 | Sponsored by HAPS
11:43 | Running Concept List Video
14:20 | Sponsored by AAA
14:41 | TAPP Secret Identity Revealed
28:50 |  Sponsored by HAPI Online Graduate Program
29:17 | Featured: Fishbowl Model of Homeostasis
41:33 | Hearing from YOU

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A few years ago, the city council of Monza, Italy, barred pet owners from keeping goldfish in curved bowls... saying that it is cruel to keep a fish in a bowl with curved sides because, gazing out, the fish would have a distorted view of reality. But how do we know we have the true, undistorted picture of reality? (Stephen Hawking)


1 | Poll Results: Addressing Professors

10.5 minutes


How Our Students Address Us | Semi-Identical Twins | Papers & Feedback | Episode 44 discussed how we prefer our students to address us. Do we prefer first names? Last names? Professor? Doctor?

Here are the results of our brief Twitter poll (

 poll results

2 | Sponsored by HAPS

0.5 minutes

The Human Anatomy & Physiology Society (HAPS) is a sponsor of this podcast.  You can help appreciate their support by clicking the link below and checking out the many resources and benefits found there. AND mention your appreciation to the HAPS leadership while you are at the conference—or anytime that you communicate with them.

Anatomy & Physiology Society

 HAPS logo


3 | Running Concept List Video

2.5 minutes

Kevin's recent workshop on using running concept lists to teach and learn anatomy and physiology is now available as a bonus to regular listeners in an abbreviated video. The video is available only on the TAPP APP, the app in which you can listen to episodes of this podcast—and get bonus content, such as this video!

 running concept lists


4 | Sponsored by AAA

0.5 minute

The searchable transcript for this episode, as well as the captioned audiogram of this episode, are sponsored by The American Association of Anatomists (AAA) at Their big meeting is in April at the Experimental Biology (EB) meeting in Orlando FL. Check it out!

 American Association of Anatomists


5 | Identity Revealed: The (REAL) A&P Professor

14 minutes

The title of this podcast—The A&P Professor—can be a bit confusing. Is it like "The Ohio State?" Is Kevin "the" A&P professor? Are you "the" A&P professor? Anonymous hackers, maybe? Find out in this segment!

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6 | Sponsored by HAPI Online Graduate Program

0.5 minute

The Master of Science in Human Anatomy & Physiology Instruction—the MS-HAPI—is graduate program for A&P teachers. A combination of science courses (enough to qualify you to teach at the college level) and courses in instructional practice, this program helps you power up  your teaching. Kevin Patton is a faculty member in this program. Check it out!

 NYCC Human Anatomy and Physiology Instruction

7 | Fishbowl Model of Homeostasis

12.5 minute

Multiple models of homeostasis may be needed for students to fully understand the important core concept of homeostasis. Kevin uses the typical thermostat model (feedback loop or engineered control system) along with several other models. Here, he describes the fishbowl model of homeostasis.

fishbowl model

  • Optional equipment for demonstration/storytelling
  • A physiologist's view of homeostasis (article in Advances in Physiological Education related to the HAPS workshop I mentioned, this paper proposes a particular way to represent homeostasis in a diagram)
  • BONUS: The TAPP APP has a sample handout you can use with your students (app only)

table showing fishbowl model of homeostasis

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