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Content updates and teaching advice for teachers of human anatomy & physiology (A&P) from professor, author, and mentor Kevin Patton. 

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Mar 25, 2019

Host Kevin Patton focuses on the use of eponyms (terms named for a person) in modern anatomy and physiology teaching. What are the pros and cons...and controversies? Find out in this episode!

00:43 | What is an Eponym?
06:16 | Sponsored by HAPS
06:57 | Modern Use of Eponyms
16:26 | Sponsored by AAA
17:16 | Another Problem with Eponyms
22:01 |  Sponsored by HAPI Online Graduate Program
22:34 | How to Deal with Eponyms in Our A&P Course

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The least questioned assumptions are often the most questionable. (Pierre Paul Broca)


1 | What is an Eponym?

5.5 minutes

An eponym is a term named after a person. A toponym is named for a place.

 Paul Broca


2 | Sponsored by HAPS

0.5 minute

The Human Anatomy & Physiology Society (HAPS) is a sponsor of this podcast. Did you know there's a one-day regional HAPS conference in March? Check it out. You can help appreciate their support by clicking the link below and checking out the many resources and benefits found there.

Anatomy & Physiology Society

 HAPS logo


3 | Modern Use of Eponyms

9.5 minutes

Eponyms are going out of fashion. For some very good reasons. When we do use them, there are some common practices that A&P teachers should pay attention to.

  • This segment features Seven Fashion Tips for Stylish Use of Eponyms
    • Avoid eponyms
    • Be bilingual
    • If you have to use an eponym, do
    • Fashionable non-possessive forms
    • Back-door eponym styles (non-capitalized adjectives)
    • Fashion rules are not really rules
    • OK, sometimes fashion rules really are rules
  • Modern Use of Eponyms (Kevin's blog post, includes those 7 fashion tips and links to other resources!)
  • What's Up with Eponyms in A&P? Part 1 (Kevin's blog post)
  • International Lists: A Practical Approach for Your A&P Course (resource in The A&P Professor website with links to the international lists of anatomical terminology)
  • Patton Glacier (yep, it's a real thing)



4 | Sponsored by AAA

1 minute

The searchable transcript for this episode, as well as the captioned audiogram of this episode, are sponsored by The American Association of Anatomists (AAA) at Their big meeting is in April at the Experimental Biology (EB) meeting in Orlando FL. Check it out!

 American Association of Anatomists


5 | Another Problem with Eponyms

4.5 minutes

There are some historical and social controversies surrounding many eponyms. This begs the question: why should we continue to use them?



6 | Sponsored by HAPI Online Graduate Program

0.5 minutes

The Master of Science in Human Anatomy & Physiology Instruction—the MS-HAPI—is graduate program for A&P teachers. A combination of science courses (enough to qualify you to teach at the college level) and courses in instructional practice, this program helps you power up  your teaching. Kevin Patton is a faculty member in this program. Check it out!

 NYCC Human Anatomy and Physiology Instruction


7 | How to Deal with Eponyms in Our A&P Course

3.5 minutes

Eponyms may be best left behind, but sometimes we can't avoid them. How do we emphasize the pitfalls of eponym use with students who will certainly face the lingering use of them in professional settings? Perhaps the best approach is bilingualism (descriptive terms AND eponyms).

 woman with scarf over eyes


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