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Content updates and teaching advice for teachers of human anatomy & physiology (A&P) from professor, author, and mentor Kevin Patton. 

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Mar 12, 2018

Neurogenesis in the adult brain is challenged by a recent study. The analogy that cells hate calcium and sodium ions, but love potassium, helps students learn cell behavior. Your take on teaching A&P is welcome!
Running concept lists to enhance deep learning by helps students make connections among ideas and promote development of insights.

Neurogenesis in the adult brain.
Cells hate calcium (an analogy)
Your take on teaching A&P
Running concept lists to enhance deep learning.

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(1:00) A new paper revives the old dogma that adult brains cannot produce new neurons—but it's not  without controversy. What should we tell our students? 


(5:52) A simple analogy can help students remember a recurring principle about cell behavior involving important ions.


(12:52) You've got some insights sparked by topics in this podcast series? Let's hear them, so we can get some power-brainstorming going! 


(14:24) We all find it difficult to put all the facts and details together in our heads in a way that makes sense—that helps us connect ideas and gain insights. A simple technique of running concepts lists can provide a concrete template for this process. Used over time, running concept lists and also train the brain to make such connections easily.

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